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ODALISS Solar Panels

3U/6U Solar Panels


3U/6U Solar Panels

ODALISS 3U/6U Solar Panels Highly and including integrated efficient solar panel equipped with the latest triple junction technology temperature.

The ODALISS 3U/6U Solar Panels have been designed in acompact form factor to maximize energy transfer to the ODALISS PDCU. High quality space grade materials and components have been used to guarantee the highest thermal performance.

Main Features:

  • Cell efficiency higher than 29%.
  • Up to 8.2W in LEO (3U).
  • Flexible Series/Parallel configurations.
  • Silicon bypass diode for reverse bias protection.
  • Polyimide substrate for passive thermal control.
  • Fully 3U/6U CubeSat platform compatible and configurable upon customer request.
  • Sensors
    • Integrated active linear temperature transducer.
    • High sensitivity Silicon photodiode included.
  • Connectors
    • Three 4-pin solar array power output for flexible panels interconnection.
    • One 4-pin for temperature sensor.
    • One 2-pin for Sun sensor.
    • Available with Remove Before Flight (RBF) pin and ODALISS Interface Port for power management and control interface.
  • Integration
    • Operating temperature: -45 ºC to +125 ºC.
    • Size 327.5mm x 83.0mm (3U).
    • Thickness: 2.2mm (without connectors).
    • Weight: 123 grams (3U).
    • Fully in-house designed and manufactured.
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