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Your Space Assets at Full Capacity

ODALISS is a complete High-Performance Nanosatellite Platform with optical communications, including every subsystem you need to turn your space mission into reality.


The ODALISS nanosatellite platform is based on a high-performance and multi-protocol logic bus allowing Data Intensive payloads to be connected in a scalable architecture. ODALISS internal bus include a rich set of logic interfaces and power lines (regulated and unregulated) to fulfil the most demanding applications.

Designed for:

  • DATA INTENSIVE APPLICATIONS: high performance architecture with optical communications downlink.
  • SIGNAL INTEGRITY: Double 80 pins-rugged backplane designed for high-speed.
  • FLEXIBILITY: High density backplane offering a rich logic interface designed for the most demanding payloads.
  • FOCUS ON YOUR MISSION AND PAYLOADS, thanks to its integrated avionics.
  • FACE THE MOST COMPLEX CHALLENGES, with the support of our highly experienced team.



The ODALCOM optical transceiver is a small and compact optical communications unit designed to offer high data rate communications in the infrared C band. Specifically designed for Smallsat platforms that must implement on board Data-Intensive payloads.

  • Transceiver logic based in Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC. Flexible protocol implementation.
  • Includes Ethernet, UARTs, RS-485, I2C interfaces.
  • Satellites in LEO. Orbital altitude: 650Km.
  • Nominal Optical Power transmission: 200mW (23 dBm).
  • Maximum Optical Transmission Power: 1W (30 dBm).
  • Coarse pointing angular beam steering range: 15º (±7.5º).


ODALISS DIPP is a compact embedded computer designed to offer the highest computational performance for the most challenging applications.

  • Versatile architecture based on Xilinx® Zynq® -7000 SoC, supporting flexible software configuration such as multiprocessing capabilities on Linux along with low-level software, like bare-metal drivers or RTOS
  • Ethernet connection capable to meet the highest data processing requirements for data-intensive payloads, such as Earth Observation Cameras, Software Defined Radios (SDR), scientific instruments, etc.
  • FPGA fabric can be reconfigured in Run-Time by processor to increase the digital processing capability of the system.
  • Rich set of communication peripherals, including Ethernet, UARTs, RS-485, I2C, USB ports along with GPIOs.


ODALISS OBC is designed to provide high computational performance with a flexible power consumption in data-intensive space systems such as nanosatellites, microsatellites, or specialized payloads.

  • Powerful dual core architecture: Cortex®-M7 (high-performance processing unit), Cortex®-M4 (mission-critical systems control).
  • OBC includes a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch to seamlessly implement standard Tcp/IP backplane LAN network with up-to 5 nodes.
  • Safety-centric architecture including RTC, voltage monitor and watchdog.
  • Flexible logic interface (UART, RS-485, I2C, etc.).


ODALISS PDCU highly efficient electric power unit designed to seamlessly integrate in ODALISS avionics.

  • Four Solar Array input power channels.
  • Modular Li-Ion battery packs.
  • 8W nominal power, 36W Peak Power (per pack for 3U).
  • Fully configurable power profile.
  • Both Non-Regulated (+7.4V) and Regulated (+5V, +3.3V) Buses.
  • Safety +3.3V Regulated Bus for critical power application.
  • Battery overvoltage and undervoltage protections.


Highly efficient solar panel equipped with the latest triple junction technology and including integrated temperature and Sun sensors.

  • Cell efficiency higher than 29%.
  • Up to 8.2W in LEO (3U).
  • Flexible Series/Parallel configurations.
  • Silicon By-Pass diode for reverse bias protection.
  • Polyimide substrate for passive thermal control.
  • Fully 3U/6U CubeSat platform compatible and configurable upon customer request.


ODALISS TTC is an embedded radio communication module for CubeSats, based in a fully configurable integrated half-duplex VHF/UHF transceiver and, designed to simplify space to ground communication links.

  • Powered by Cortex®M4 CPU, with a wide set of commands providing configuration flexibility.
  • Fully remote configurable capability.
  • High reception sensitivity and transmission power.
  • Redundant configuration possibility for increased reliability.
  • Nominal mode: non-proprietary protocol based on radio packets as AX.25.
  • Beacon Automatic mode: periodic beacons using 2FSK Radioteletype (RTTY).

Ground Station

The Emxys Ground Station (EGS) is a terrestrial radio station for satellite communications with the main transceiver based on an embedded computer connected to a software defined radio (SDR) device covering most satellite bands including UHF, VHF and S bands.

  • SDR over Ethernet that will allow to connect to a local Network able to be configured using a 16-port switch in order to work on the Network layer from the Open System Interconnection (OSI).
  • Open-source COSMOS software included for telemetry and telecommand.
  • Open-source Gpredict software included for satellite tracking and for rotor control.
  • Local network implemented to receive/transmit data and receive RF samples.
  • Connection system implemented by TCP/IP protocol with Ethernet gigabit switch.