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Power Distribution and Control Unit


Power Distribution and Control Unit

ODALISS PDCU is a highly efficient electric power unit designed to be seamlessly integrated in ODALISS avionics.

The ODALISS PDCU includes redundant Solar Array Regulators with Maximum Power Point Tracking and redundant battery pack with full protection stages to optimize energy performance and reliability with minimum hardware footprint.

Main Features:

  • Four solar array input power channels.
  • Modular Li-Ion battery packs.
  • 8W nominal power, 36W peak power (per pack for 3U).
  • Fully configurable power profile.
  • Both unregulated and regulated buses.
  • Safety regulated bus for critical power application.
  • Battery overvoltage and undervoltage protections.
  • Battery Pack Configuration
    • Dual 2s1p Li-Ion battery.
    • Nominal voltage per battery: +7.4V.
    • Fully charged voltage per battery: +8.2V.
    • Fully charged current per battery: 1A.
    • Maximum discharge current per battery: 8A.
    • Capacity per battery: 3450mAh.
  • Output buses
    • Main and redundant independent un-regulated buses +7.4V Nominal (+8.2V Max.).
    • Bus operation in independent or parallel configurations.
    • Safety dual battery-powered regulated +3V3 bus (1.5A max.).
    • Regulated +5.0 V and +3.3V buses (1.5A max. each).
  • Power management
    • Built-in protection: overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and short-circuit.
    • Housekeeping signals including main and redundant batteries voltage, current and temperature, and the solar panel current generation.
    • Control via I2C bus.
    • One Remove Before Flight (RBF) switch with redundant circuitry.
    • One kill/deployment switch per battery with redundant circuitry.
  • Integration
    • Mechanical interface compatible with ODALISS avionics buses and payloads.
    • Operating temperature: -45 ºC to +125ºC.
    • Dimensions: 870mm x 870mm x 55mm.
    • Weight: 360 grams.
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