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Transcending from Atto-Scale measurements to Quantum Realms

At EMXYS, every product and every project, no matter its size and complexity, is impregnated with the attention to detail and search for excellence. The highest standards for product and quality assurance are observed along all the different project phases.

Our technology domains

Emxys applies its Know-how in technological disciplines such as: Space and Hi-Rel electronics, RF.

  • OPTICS 1
  • HITOS 1
  • HITOS 2


  • Characterization of a Liquid Crystal on Silicon Based Laser Beam Steerer for Applications in Free Space Optical Satellite Communications in Low Earth Orbit.
  • A test campaign for a Silicon on Chip Space Light Modulator is implemented and realized to characterize the component for working in optical communication application within telecommunication satellites.
  • POE, Programmable Adaptive Optics Element. The Project developed an optical element to point an infrared laser using a liquid crystal. EMXYS developed the crystal’s control electronics, including its firmware and PC software for pointing the laser beam.
  • Photonic transceiver for secure space communications. This Project develops an elegant breadboard of a transceiver for secure quantum communications from space. EMXYS developed the high-speed electronics of the transceiver laser diodes.
  • High Temperature and Strain Fiber Optic Sensor System. This Project developed a temperature sensor based on Fiber Bragg Gratings. EMXYS developed the conditioning electronics for the FBG sensor, including the embedded firmware and PC software.


  • Low Cost Low Resolution Position Sensor:

    This Project aims to implement a low resolution (in the range of 8-bit to 10-bit) for measuring the position of rotating parts on board telecommunication satellites.

  • Electrically Coupled Angular Encoder for Long-Life Mechanisms:

    Developed and characterized a medium resolution (16-bit) rotary sensor for measuring the position of rotating parts on board telecommunication satellites.

  • Coplanar contactless rotation speed sensor:

    Consisting in a sensor based in coplanar structures resonating in the microwave S band, intended to measure rotation speed of a mechanism in a contactless way.

  • CLAS, Contactless Angular Sensor for Telecom Satellites Long Life Mechanisms Within this Project EMXYS develops an engineering model of a contactless angular sensor for geostationary satellites to substitute the potentiometer in use at present. This Project opened ESA Mechanisms Days 2011 and has been presented in ESA Mechanisms Days 2015.


  • Mars Sample and Return RF Long Range Navigation Sensor:

    The Project develops a localization sensor for the spacecraft that will contain samples of Mars soil and will be captured by an orbiter spacecraft for its return to Earth. EMXYS builds the radiofrequency electronics for the sensor.

  • Hera Mission JUVENTAS CubeSat Phase B/C/D/E1:

    EMXYS develops a gravimeter payload for the Juventas Cubesat to be deployed under Dimorphos asteroid proximity for close operations and landing.

  • Ultraviolet and Visible Atmospheric Sounder:

    The objective of the Project is the manufacturing of the control unit and power supply of an ultraviolet camera for Earth observation.


  • Reduction of Electromagnetic Interference from Power Converters and Filters.

    This project designs, implements and fully tests a very low noise (conducted and radiated) power supply for satellite point of load applications.

  • The Bare Electrodynamics Tether Project:

    Study the use of electrodynamic tethers for space debris mitigation. EMXYS developed the electrical system that feeds the tether and control the de-orbiting.

  • Study of long term parametric drifts of EEE components for inclusion in component detail specifications and worst-case analysis:

    The Project has studied the drift in the characteristics of electrical and mechanical devices to prepare the ECSS ECSS-Q-TM-30-12A that deals with derating factors based on this drift.

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