Quality Policy

The quality policy of EMXYS S.L. is to provide to our customers, products and services that achieve the requirements, which are competitive and without defects, so that our firm means quality for our customers.

It is intended, that the Quality Management System of EMXYS S.L. help us in our desire to have a consolidated presence in the current market and to improve our strategic positioning regarding the competition in our sector, through the attainment of increasingly high levels of customer satisfaction, participation and involvement of all the people that are part of our organization, all combined, in a balanced way, quality and productivity in a profitable way for the business resulting from our business activity.

The Management, therefore, assumes the commitment to persevere in these guidelines and to ensure that our staff becomes aware of them and applies them consistently.

According to these principles, is established a series of goals that are translated into specific objectives, year by year, and that are based on the next strategic perspectives:

  1. The full satisfaction of our customers.
  2. The continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality System.
  3. The continuous improvement of the productivity.
  4. Encourage the active participation of all staff.
  5. Accomplish and enforce applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  6. The compliance of the deadlines.
  7. The compliance of our customer requirements.


May 12, 2017

José A. Carrasco

Quality Manager