Emxys at Leiden Kennisfestival

Emxys has contributed with one stand and a product presentation speech at Leiden Knowledge Festival 2009.


The traditional Leiden 2009 Kennisfestival has count with the contribution of Emxys Netherlands with a speech and a stand featuring its TrainGrid technology. Both activities have drawn the attention on TrainGrid of general public and health related companies of the Zuid Holland region.

The Knowledge Festival brings together the most diverse entrepreneurs. Surprising new business opportunities and partnerships offer special demonstrations of innovative products on the market that could lead to new innovative ideas.

TrainGrid is an athlete training tool that consists on an intelligent T-shirt that records the athlete’s biophysical activity with the aid of a mobile phone and uploads it to a social network. TrainGrid’s social network is specially focussed to manage a coaching program and plan the team training activity for professional or leisure activities.