Emxys sensors presented at ESA conference

Emxys contactless angular and speed sensors presented at ESA conference.

The results of the test campaign of Emxys angular sensors and the preliminary results of speed sensors for space applications have been presented in the European Space Agency Mechanisms Conference.

Emxys contactless angular measurement technologies developed under two contracts for the European Space Agency, under the ARTES telecommunication program and the ITI program, for its use on future European satellites and space probes has been presented at the 2015 edition of the European Space Agency Mechanisms held at the European Space Technology Centre in The Netherlands on 12-13th of March 2015.



Emxys contactless angular sensor measurement makes use of capacitive coupling to resolve up to 0,01 degrees (16-bit) within the space environment with no mechanical deterioration of its parts. The sensor has been developed to deal with the new challenging applications required by European satellite manufacturers such us multibean antenna pointing, precision solar array pointing and ion thruster control. Results of the performance of the sensor, measured with a new testbench specifically developed for testing rotating sensors within the space environment by ALTER Technology, have been presented as well.





Emxys contactless speed measurement technology is based on microwave transmission over standard printed circuit board substrates, developed by the Group CIMITEC leaded by Prof. Ferran Martí of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, and provides accurate velocity calculation of rotating elements at up to 4000 revolutions per minute with 0.5 revolutions per minute accuracy.