Emxys industrial capacities in fusion energy

Emxys has been included in the Spanish Catalog of Industrial Capacities in Fusion Energy.

The Spanish Catalog of Industrial Capacities in Fusion Energy has been edited by the Spanish Council for Industrial and Technology Development (CDTI) to promote the capacities of the Spanish industry on fusion energy as part of the Spanish activities toward the international effort for development of an experimental fusion reactor based on the “tokamak” concept. Emxys has been included on page 96 of the catalog featuring its experience on high reliability angular sensing technologies for space applications and high speed driving, conditioning, shaping and coincidence electronics for nuclear applications, including FMECA, Part Stress, Worst Case and Reliability analysis.




The ITER experiment, widely acknowledged as one of the biggest international scientific projects ever, is hosted by the EU with strong commitments from the USA, Japan, Russia, China, India and South Korea. Europe participates in ITER through its European Atomic Energy Community, and is the largest investor in the project. Half the world’s population may benefit from the results of this massive undertaking. Currently under construction in Cadarache, France, ITER aims at providing a significant contribution to the world’s energy production in the next decades. Its success would trigger a future source of unlimited, sustainable and safe energy and open the door to the potential commercialization of fusion power plants.