Emxys TrainGrid featured in GoSpace

Emxys TrainGrid space technology receives focus in DLR’s GoSpace Nr.8 – 2013 newsletter.

Emxys TrainGrid is featured in latest DLR (German Space Agency) publication SCHEWERELOS Nr. 8 – 2013 as an application of the space technology for monitoring athletes performance and persons while working in dangerous situations.

Emxys TrainGrid biomonitoring equipment combines a special e-Shirt and an electronic processing unit to measure the user’s electrocardiogram (one derivation), Heart Rate, Temperature, body positioning and acceleration in 3 axis together with its GPS global positioning( altitude and UTC time included). The electronics is self-governing and it’s powered by a Li-Ion batery. It’s able to either store the training session data in a micro SD memory card or initiate a Bluetooth session with a computer or cellphone, providing a graphical interface to the user and being able to transmit it to a remote control center.

GoSpace is a DLR (German Space Agency) initiative to present the result of scientific and technology use of the International Space Station as a ‘large research center in Earth orbit’  and to attract business for experiments in weightlessness.