Emxys visits ONERA facilities

As part of the BET’s project Emxys has visited ONERA facilities for plasma tests.

Emxys, together with the BET’s project team, has visited the French Aerospace Laboratory (ONERA) JONAS facility as part of the Final Test Meeting of the Bare Electrodynamics Tether Project, currently under its test phase, held in Toulousse on May 23th-25th.

ONERA JONAS facility is a 9m3 vacuum chamber equipped with 10keV electrons gun, plasma source and several ESD and plasma diagnostic devices as transient current probes, surface potential probes and Langmuir probes. A cryogenic pump gives a working pressure of 10-7 hPa.


Onera (Office National d’Etudes et Recherches Aérospatiales) is the French national aerospace research center. It is a public research establishment, with eight major facilities in France and about 2,000 employees, including 1,500 scientists, engineers and technicians.

The Bare Electrodynamics Tether Project is a research project funded by the European Commission FP7 aimed at developing an innovative technology for LEO Satellites deorbiting based in Electrodynamic tethers.