Emxys participates in EU FP7 space project

Emxys is now participating in a EU FP7 project that will apply a new concept for satellite’s electrical propulsion to debris mitigation. The amount of satellites and objects orbiting the Earth is expected to increase exponentially if no further actions are taken in the close future. The Bare Electrodinamic Tether Project (BET’s) is an effort of several European private and public institutions to propose a system that will help the disposal of end of life Earth orbiting satellites effectively reducing the Earth debris problem.

BET’s is a research project funded by the European Commission FP7 aimed at developing an innovative technology for LEO Satellites deorbiting based in Electrodynamic tethers.

BET’s encompasses an multinational excellence team to approach Electrodynamic tether propulsion technology in a unique multidisciplinary fashion covering topics like materials science, plasma physics, orbit dynamics, mechanics, electric driving control, etc. which will bridge the gap between concept and real Space applications.

For further information about BETs visit http://www.thebetsproject.com.