Emxys technology presents ESA conference

Emxys contact-less sensor is displayed in European Space Agency’s Mechanisms’ Final Presentation Days 2011.


Emxys contact-less angular measurement technology developed for future European telecommunication satellite mechanisms under an Artes 5.1 project has been selected to present the European Space Agency Mechanisms’ Final Presentation Days 2011 to be held in ESTEC, The Netherlands, next March 10th and 11th.

Emxys contact-less angular measurement makes use of capacitive coupling to resolve up to 0,01 degress (16-bit) within the space environment with no mechanical deterioration of its parts. The sensor has been developed to deal with the new challenging applications required by European satellite manufacturers such us multibean antenna pointing, precission solar array pointing and ion thruster control.



Emxys is at this moment engaged in the definition of an engineering model of this sensor as an stage toward its fully qualification in the year 2012.