Emxys launches TrainGrid

Emxys launches the TrainGrid bio-monitoring technology and its Social Network for athletes.

Emxys has launched the TrainGrid bio-monitoring equipment for sports. In addition, focusing in athletics community, Emxys has launched its trial version of the TrainGrid Social Network, which provides a complete solution to share training data between professional and amateur athletes, thus as their coaches.

The TrainGrid biomonitoring equipment combines a special t-Shirt and an electronic processing unit to measure the user’s electrocardiogram (1 derivation), Heart Rate, Temperature, body positioning and acceleration in 3 axis together with its GPS global positioning( altitude and UTC time included). The electronics is self-governing and it’s powered by a Li-Ion batery. It’s able to either store the training session data in a micro SD memory card or initiate a Bluetooth session with a computer or smartphone, providing a graphical interface to the user.

The TrainGrid Social Network is intended to developers of high performace programs, profesional athlets, sport medicine researchers and practitioners, as well as casual athletes. The user will be able to make plannings, follow trainning sessions, analize progess and even compare his training sessions and itineraries with the Social Network community.

TrainGrid has been supported by the European Space Agency through its technology transfer program and it has been boosted by Emxys.