Excelling in space science and technology to tame complexity
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EMXYS is an innovation-focused company that designs, develops, and builds high-performance electronic systems for Space applications.
We apply our know-how in highly demanding arenas such as:

- Satellite Systems.

- Defence Equipment.

- Scientific Instrumentation.

- Embedded Sensing and Data Acquisition

Current societal challenges are characterized by being multi-facet and complex.

Society is committed to face the ultimate race to overcome global threats such as climate crisis, social inequality, or scarcity of resources. EMXYS mission is to take a lead in activities and initiatives that, through the excellence in science and technology, really have societal impact to contribute in building a better world.

Quality Assurance

The certificate of compliance AS/EN/JISQ9100 is an international aerospace standard for quality assurance in design, development, production, installation, servicing of aircraft and aircraft systems. 

ABS Quality Evaluations is an ABS group company accredited by the largest and most respected international bodies that continuously updates its accreditations to meet customer needs.


In-House Lab for electronics design, assembly and test.

(ESD protected ISO 7 (Class 10.000) 30m2 integration Clean Room + 80m2 non-clean research laboratory)

High speed Digital Sampling station (12Ghz, 5 Ts/s eq.).

Hardware-in-the-Loop co-simulation workstation.

CAD design station (Argon), physical modelling (COMSOL)

ESD protected assembly workstation.

Programmable logic (FPGA) and microprocessors/MCU development tools (+10 families).


our team

Emxys applies its Know-how in technological
disciplines such as: Space and Hi-Rel electronics, RF
Under the most stringent quality standards, EMXYS team is committed in designing and manufacturing high-performance space systems, aiming to harness the power of technology to tackle the major contemporary societal challenges.