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ODALCOM is a Free-Space C Band laser transceiver specifically designed to provide small satellite platforms with high-performance optical space-to-ground communication links.

Optical communications are a candidate to overcome the limits posed by RF systems:

  • Increased security thanks to the highly spatial directivity. Difficult eavesdropping / jamming.
  • Simple and compact radiating elements, low mechanical complexity.
  • Comms hardware is small and compact.
  • Very high data rates achievable at a higher power efficiency.

Main Features:

  • Mechanisms-Free beam steering and forming.
  • 500 Mbps Tx rate.
  • Volume 1U.
  • Mass <1.5Kg.
  • Power consumption lower than 3W.
  • Optical Power: up to 1W (100 mw nominal)
  • Rich and seamless logic interface (SPI, Ethernet, I2C).
  • Optical capabilities
    • Nominal Optical Power transmission: 200mW (23 dBm).
    • Maximum Optical Transmission Power: 1W (30 dBm).
    • Coarse pointing angular beam steering range: 15º (±7.5º), combining SLM and torque satellite actuators (reaction wheels and magnetorquers).
    • Fine pointing angular range: 5.93º (±2.97º) by optical modulation (only through SLM operation).
  • Processing capabilities
    • Microchip PolarFire FPGA.
    • FPGA with logic cell size 109K logic elements.
    • 512 MiB DDR3 RAM
    • 4GiB eMMC memory
    • 8 SERDES Lanes, 250Mbps to 12.5Gbps
  • Power supply
    • Power-supply, shut-down and fault signals.
    • Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and reverse connection protections.
  • Standard Logic Interfaces
    • Three UART.
    • RS-485.
    • I2C.
    • Ethernet.
    • USB port.
  • Inputs and Outputs
    • Six open-drain inputs.
    • Six open-drain outputs.
  • Integration
    • Size: 87mm x 87mm x 15mm.
    • Weight: 60 grams.
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