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Space-Mail concept demonstrator




YES2 was a FOTON M3 piggy-backed experiment designed to demonstrate the feasibility of the “Space-Mail” concept, releasing a re-entry capsule with a 30km tether deployed from FOTON spacecraft, in LEO orbit.

emxys participated in the mission designing and manufacturing some of the instruments and mission critical electronic sub-systems.

YES2 was successfully launched on September 14th 2007 from Baikonur on a SOYUZ TMA launcher.

YES2 experiment was successfully deployed on September 25th 2007. All the critical sub-systems where emxys participated worked as expected.

The successyes2ful deployment of a 30Km tether supposes to be the largest structure made by mankind and deployed into space. In fact, it is the tallest vertical structure ever made by mankind... As tall as 100 Eiffel towers or nearly 4 times Mount Everest.