emxys, embedded instruments and systems

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Picture2015-11-03EMXYS NAOsat to asteroid missionEMXYS NAOsat Cubesat platform has entered study phase to protect Earth from asteroid impacts
Picture2013-06-01EMXYS TrainGrid featured in GoSpaceEMXTS TrainGrid space technology receives focus in DLR's GoSpace Nr. 8 - 2013 Newsletter
Picture2012-10-31EMXYS products at EMWEmxys presents its products at the European Microwave Week
Picture2012-10-03EMXYS technology presentation at IACEMXYS CTO presents emxys promising space technologies at the 63rd International Astronautical Conference.
Picture2012-10-01Suborbital payload experiment rackCOSMICA Spacelines and emxys unveil suborbital payload experiment rack