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Ground Station

The Ground Station is a terrestrial radio station for satellite communications with the main transceiver based on an embedded computer connected to a software defined radio (SDR) device covering most satellite bands including UHF, VHF and, S bands.

The EGS is presented in a 19-inch rack standard enclosure and controlled from a modern standard computer with the capacity to perform baseband signal processing

By default, the EGS product is designed to work with the rotor spid BIG-RAS-HR installed in the antenna location of the ground station. This rotor is controlled from one of the modules in the rack including the controller and the power supply. For the use of the rotor, an open source software is used for satellite traking (GPredict) to control automatically the azimuth and elevation angles. The rotor is included in the product, but it is possible to get the EGS module without it.

  • Product performance
    • Open source COSMOS software included for telemetry and telecommand.
    • Open source Gpredict software included for satellite tracking and for rotor control.
    • Local network implemented to receive/transmit data and receive RF samples.
    • Connection system implemented by TCP/IP protocol with Ethernet gigabit switch.
    • Posibility of defining data link packaging by the user. AX25/HDLC implemented by default.
    • Posibility of defining modulations by the user. FSK,BPSK implemented by default.
    • Posibility of adding other blocks as scrambling and user python code implementation.
    • Doppler effect control.
    • Receiver frequency band up to 3.5 GHz.
    • Transmission frequency band from 400 MHz to 480 MHz. (Possibility of modifying the transmission band on demand).
    • 34dB transmission gain.
    • AC overcurrent and leakage current protection.
    • Half-duplex communication.
    • 0.1º rotor precision.
    • Antenna switch selector by DB9 connector with 12 V, 50 mA.
  • Absolute Maximum Ratings
    • Supply voltage: 220 VAC.
    • Power Frequency: 50 Hz.
    • Operating Ambient Temperature Range: –20°C to +70°C.
    • Storage Temperature Range: –40°C to 85°C.
    • Maximum output power: 60W.
  • Mechanical Characteristics
    • Compliant with the 19 inches standard.
    • 15U rack of 500 mm of depth.
    • Dimensions: 820 x 540 x 500 mm.
    • Mass: 50Kg.
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