Emxys participates in a quantum cryptography project

Emxys participates in a quantum cryptography project ESA has selected a Spanish consortium to develop a photonic transceiver solution for space. The European Space Agency has awarded a Spanish consortium, that includes Emxys, to develop a quantum cryptography solution...

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Yes2 Space-Mail concept demonstrator.   YES2 was a FOTON M3 piggy-backed experiment designed to demonstrate the feasibility of the “Space-Mail” concept, releasing a re-entry capsule with a 30km tether deployed from...

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What is YES2?

What is YES2? YES2 is a project of the ESA education office together with Delta Utec src. Delta Utec is a High-Tech Dutch company with a high expertise in Space Research and Consultancy. We have plenty of rockets to shoot things into space, but almost no...

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