Emxys meets at dawn

Emxys personnel have joined this morning to enjoy the last Venus transit of the century.

Emxys personnel have joined this morning at dusk to spot the end phases of the last Venus transit of the century from an improvised observatory at El Cabo de las Huertas, Alicante. Despite the fact that, as seen from the east coast of Spain, the sun has raised (at 6.43, local time) after the 3rd Venus contact, a light dry breeze has contained the morning haze and has allowed the team to spot the sun right after its appearance over the Mediterranean see and until the 4th contact (at 6.55, local time).

The transits of Venus have raised considerable interest among the scientific community since their prediction by Johannes Kepler and the proposal of its use by Edmund Halley to measure the size of the Solar System until todays proposal to characterize planetary atmospheres to be used in the detection of planets orbiting nearby stars. Since the first observation made of one of such events in 1639 until today only 5 more events have occurred in a 373 year span, and the next will be seen in 2117.

With the small expedition of today, Emxys joins the list of notorious persons and general public that have viewed, and even followed today, the Venus transit for scientific purposes or just for enjoyment and realization of the privilegious place the Earth stands at the Universe.