Electrodynamic Tether Technology

The BET’s project holds its first review meeting in the University of Padova (Italy).


Hosted by the University of Padova, the BET’s Project team has held the Preliminary Design Review meeting of its FP7 European Project aimed to develop a tether based propulsion space component to easy the deorbiting of end off life satellites, thus mitigating space debris around Earth.

The meeting presented the preliminary developments of the system to be developed and paved the way to the Definitive Design Review to the held in Madrid at the end of this year.

BET’s joins a multinational excellence team to approach Electrodynamic Tether propulsion Technology in a unique multidisciplinary fashion covering topics like materials science, plasma physics, orbit dynamics, mechanics, electric driving control and space expertise that will bridge the gap between concept and real space applications.

For further information about the BETs project visit The BETs Project.