Emxys participates in Mars simulation

Emxys TrainGrid system has participated in Rio Tinto 2011 Mars Simulation.

The Austrian Space Forum has tested Emxys TrainGrid bio-monitoring system in Rio Tinto 2011 Mars Simulation, whose objective was to test several experiments to be performed by a future manned expedition to the planet Mars. The simulation took place between the 17th and 22nd of April, 2011 and involved more that 70 space flight specialists, of which 30 were directly at the location in Rio Tinto.

Emxys TrainGrid bio-monitoring system was tested together with ESA/CSAM LTMS system and several other experiments in  Rio Tinto extreme dessert environment.

TrainGrid is a bio-monitoring system developed by emxys to address applications in athletes performance, personnel at risk, extreme outdoors activities and dangerous works.