Emxys becomes an ICFO’s CLP member

Emxys partners with ICFO to boost Photonics research.

Emxys has enrolled the ICFO Corporate Liason Program (CLP) to establish a long term relationship targeted to foster Emxys R&D lines in Photonics, consolidating a relationship that started several years ago in the framework of different ESA projects related with Photonic Sciences.

ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences was created in 2002 by the government of Catalonia and the Technical University of Catalonia. ICFO is a center of research excellence devoted to the sciences and technologies of light. The Institute carries out frontier research and trains the next generation of scientists and technologists. ICFO actively collaborates with many leading research centers, universities, hospitals, and a range of private companies based locally and all over the world.

ICFO currently hosts 20 research groups working in more than 50 different laboratories. Available to them are a Nanophotonics Fabrication Lab, a Super-resolution Light Microscopy & Nanoscopy Lab, an Advanced Engineering Lab and a range of other support facilities. All research groups and facilities are located in a dedicated 10.000 m2 – building situated in the Mediterranean Technology Park in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

Research at ICFO targets the forefront of science and technology based on light with a main focus in Health, Renewable Energies and Information Technologies and it is conducted in the framework of long-term and mid-term programs in a variety of topics, including quantum information technologies, solar cells, nanophotonic devices, remote sensing, optoelectronics, integrated optics, ultrafast optics, biophotonics and biomedical optics, among others. ICFO also hosts an active Corporate Liaison Program (CLP) which serves as a bridge between ICFO researchers and all kinds of industries and corporations.